Belgocontrol and Living Tomorrow examine future of air traffic control


As of today, Belgocontrol will participate in the Living Tomorrow research and development platform. It aims – together with many other partners – among other things to develop visions for the future on topics that control people’s daily life, such as mobility.

Aviation in general and air traffic control, in particular, are in constant development. Belgocontrol closely monitors evolutions in the sector and prepares for the future. The company wishes to play an active part in that future, not just in the field of aviation safety, but also in other social respects, economically as well as ecologically and socially. That is why Belgocontrol already took initiatives regarding noise protection measures, wind turbines and drones and started a number of research projects involving specific aspects of its operations with various universities.

By participating in the Living Tomorrow project, Belgocontrol wants to examine the future of air traffic and of air traffic control. Research starts from very specific questions that are raised in the sector: what are the stakeholders’ needs, how will our environment evolve, who will be the future players in both manned and unmanned aviation,…?

Also digital transformation will be studied: how will the available technology generate data and insights? How can air traffic control use it to work in a more customer-oriented and a sustainable way?

Via workshops and demonstrations, Belgocontrol and Living Tomorrow wish to gain useful insights that they will share afterwards with the general public.

Johan Decuyper, CEO of Belgocontrol:

“The pillars of Belgocontrol’s vision are building partnerships and looking ahead to the future. The collaboration with Living Tomorrow is perfectly in line with these pillars. Together with this new partner, we want to stay on top of developments in our business, to analyse them and to integrate them in our functioning so we can further improve our services and keep competing at an international level.”

Joachim De Vos, CEO of Living Tomorrow:

“Big changes are up ahead for future air traffic controllers. New technology, such as drones, UAVs but also artificial intelligence and augmented reality. What will that mean for managing the air traffic of tomorrow? As a leading organisation in building ‘innovation culture’ and its translation into practice, we are proud that Belgocontrol takes its future into its own hands and relies on Living Tomorrow to support them in this.”

Thursday, March 29, 2018


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