[Solved] In the last 24 hours, Facebook has rated our articles as spam

Software development and debugging concept. Bug found in binary code with magnifying glass. © iStock

The past 24 hours Facebook has removed three Aviation24.be articles that were published on our Facebook page. The social media company has marked these articles as spam ….

On Twitter many members report the same issues.

While I sincerely think this is a temporary bug, it’s not funny to see these three articles disappear, I hope that Facebook quickly addresses this “bug”.

Our three articles, currently missing on Facebook:

Qantas Group reports a record full year profit of $1.6 billion for 2018

Ryanair reaches agreement with FORSA, the union that is representing Irish based pilots

Finnair adds wide-body aircraft to flights between Brussels and Helsinki

Update: even this article has been rated as spam  🙄

Update 2: the problem seems solved ….



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