AEA presents prerequisites for a competitive European airline industry


In the framework of the upcoming consultation and discussions about a new EU aviation policy, the Association of European Airlines (AEA) has published a report which contains a wide variety of proposals to improve the sustainable development and competitiveness of European airlines. The report was submitted to the EU Commission today.

The report addresses important issues such as, the lack of progress on Single European Sky and Air Traffic Management improvements, infrastructural requirements, passenger rights issues, environmental challenges, market access & market distortions, liberalisation of the ground handling market, security and safety; and many others.

In this comprehensive document that was drafted in collaboration with its member airlines, AEA requests regulators to regulate only when there is a need for legislation, to enforce where existing regulation is not being properly implemented, and to refrain from overburdening the industry.

Over the years AEA has repeatedly asked for a new holistic aviation policy. The Commission’s announcement of their aviation package, which is to address the current competitiveness issues and is scheduled to be published towards the end of this year, is warmly welcomed by the Association.

AEA’s CEO Athar Husain Khan: “This a unique opportunity for Europe to check in for the flight forward and to regain its leading position in the global aviation market. The aviation industry is ready to play its important role in the jobs and economic growth agenda of the Commission. We are looking forward to constructive discussions with the Commission.


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