D Day war veteran still flying high between Brussels and East Midlands with bmi regional after 20 years

War veteran
Cabin Crew Abigail Jepson presents William Milward with his card and complimentary flight at East Midlands Airport

99 year old passenger has flown with airline for over 20 years

10 June 2015: After more than 20 years of annual flights between East Midlands Airport and Brussels with bmi regional, D Day War Veteran, William Milward was last week presented with a commemorative certificate from the airline along with a ticket for a free future flight.

The 99 year old war hero from Ashbourne, Derbyshire, has been flying from East Midlands Airport to Brussels every year for over 20 years, visiting his wartime buddies in Belgium. Last week the airline surprised Mr Milward with a certificate and a ticket for a complimentary flight in honour of his loyalty to the airline.

Mr Milward chose to fly with bmi regional due to the airline’s excellent links between the East Midlands and Brussels which provided great onward connections to Belgium. He also struck up an enduring friendship with bmi regional hostess Abigail Jepson who has flown with him on almost every single journey for the past ten years. The pair have become such good friends that Ms Jepson has even switched shifts to ensure she could accompany Mr Milward on his journey.

Commenting on the veteran Ms Jepson said: “It’s been an absolute pleasure to fly with such a character as Bill. We met around 10 years ago when he was on one of our flights and he began to tell me all about his friends he was visiting and his family back home. Over the years we’ve become good friends as he flies to and from Brussels Airport on route to Belgium. He turns 100 in February next year so we wanted to be able to offer him a free flight in his centenary year as a thank you for his continued loyalty to the airline.”

To mark the oncoming arrival of his 100th birthday and as a thank you for flying with bmi regional the airline presented Mr Milward with a giant certificate and a ticket for his next flight.


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