Leadership shifts at Boeing: CEO to step down, new Chairman elected, and changes in Commercial Airplanes Division

Boeing CEO David L. Calhoun

Boeing has announced that CEO Dave Calhoun will step down at the end of 2024 but will continue leading the company throughout the year to ensure stability and prepare for the future.

Steve Mollenkopf, a board member since 2020 and former CEO of Qualcomm, will succeed Larry Kellner as independent chairman of the board and lead the selection process for the next CEO.

Additionally, Stan Deal, CEO of Boeing Commercial Airplanes (BCA), has opted to retire, with Stephanie Pope, Boeing’s COO, taking over as head of BCA immediately.

These changes are part of a broader shake-up amid a safety crisis and mark significant shifts in Boeing’s leadership structure They come less than three months after a panel, known as a door plug, blew off a Boeing Max 9 during an Alaska Airlines flight.

Ryanair said it welcomes today’s immediate management changes in the Boeing management team in Seattle. Ryanair believes these changes are necessary and good for Boeing and its customers and looks forward to working with Boeing CEO Dave Calhoun and BCA CEO Stephanie Pope to eliminate the Boeing 737 delivery delays.


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