RIU Hotels & Resorts CEO Carmen Riu to retire, initiates generational handover


Carmen Riu, CEO of RIU Hotels & Resorts, has announced her retirement before the summer of this year. She will relinquish her executive roles, leaving her brother Luis Riu as the company’s sole CEO. Additionally, Carmen Riu assumes the role of Chair of the Group’s Governing Board to strengthen corporate governance, with all members of the fourth generation of the Riu family joining this body. This signifies the beginning of a generational handover within RIU Hotels.

Carmen Riu’s career at RIU began in 1977, starting as a manager and eventually overseeing human resources, administration, and finance. Alongside her brother, she led RIU Hotels & Resorts’ international growth and consolidation for the past 25 years. With her decision to retire nearing her 70th birthday, Carmen Riu leaves the company during a period of recovery for the tourism sector post-COVID-19. Her final project, the Proudly Committed strategy, prioritises sustainability for the company’s future endeavours.



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