Belgian aerospace group Sonaca signs with Airbus “the biggest contract in its history” at the Paris Air Show

Belgian aerospace group Sonaca has signed its largest contract ever with Airbus at the Paris Air Show. The deal includes three contracts, making Sonaca...

The Belgian Ministers of Economy and of Defence announce the signature of a service contract with Lockheed Martin aimed at supporting Belgian aeronautical industries to stand out in the F-35 market

The Belgian Council of Ministers this Friday approved the signature of a framework agreement with Lockheed Martin. This framework agreement, entitled "Industrial Participation Plan...

Launch of the Task Force on the Fighter of the Future.

In the coming weeks, the Belgian Royal High Institute for Defence will bring together important players from the Belgian industry in the framework of...

[Pics] First Belgian F-35A on Lockheed Martin’s infrastructure production line in Forth Worth, Texas (USA)

The first Belgian F-35A is on the production line at Lockheed Martin's facilities in Forth Worth (USA). This is the outer wing box, which is...

SmarT Eco-friendLy anticontamination technologies for LAminar wings- STELLAR project in test at Florennes AFB

The STELLAR project aims to produce sustainable solutions to reduce drag on aircraft, allow laminar flow over time with a direct impact on fuel...

Airbus restructuring will directly affect Belgian subcontractor Sonaca

Yesterday, Airbus announced an important restructuring which will involve a 40 percent cut in the production of aircraft and a threat to 15,000 jobs...

100 million euros state aid for Sonaca

Sonaca has been seriously affected by both the Boeing 737 MAX debacle and the Covid-19 crisis, but it will benefit from a capital increase... latest trending