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After an absence of ten years, Italy will be connected again with Libya

From September, the two countries will be linked again through direct flights, both Libya and Italy agreed during a conference held on Sunday in...

Afriqiyah Airways suspends all flights to Turkey

Afriqiyah Airways has suspended flights to Turkey due to the accumulated debts of the company in Istanbul, which is estimated to be millions of...

Libyan airline Afriqiyah Airways suspends all flights after airport attack

20 people killed and 63 wounded, a heavy dead toll during Monday fights between two rivaling clans at Tripoli International Airport Rada (a former...

Hijacked Afriqiyah Airways Airbus A320 just landed in Malta

A Lybian Airbus A320 plane of Afriqiah Airways operating a domestic flight with 118 people on board has just landed at Malta Airport in...

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