Stockholm Skavsta airport close to bankruptcy

Stockholm Skavsta airport © Svens Welt CC BY-SA 2.5,

Without support from the municipality, Skavsta airport, located 100 kilometres south of the capital and used mainly by Wizz Air and Ryanair, will be bankrupt within a few weeks, Stockholm Skavsta’s CEO Cédric Fechter said to Swedish media outfit SVT Nyheter today.

The pandemic has hit Stockholm Skavsta Airport in Nyköping hard and money is needed to keep the airport alive, said CEO Cédric Fechter.

Talks are underway with the municipality of Nyköping to guarantee a bank loan for the airport. Nyköping Municipality has a 9.9 per cent minority share in the airport. The rest is owned by Vinci airports headquartered in France.

If the airport is closed, the Coast Guard’s flights and the national firefighting flights that depart from there will also be affected. Therefore, the CEO also wants to have a discussion with the Swedish Transport Administration.

Source: SVT Nyheter


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