Geneva airport reduced its noise footprint in 2019


Geneva airport’s noise footprint decreased last year compared to 2018. This decrease is
mainly linked to an overall decrease in aircraft movements (-0.6% in 2019), in particular after 22:00, the airport indicated on Wednesday.

The surface area of ​​areas exposed to noise increased from 33.3 km2 in 2018 to 29.9 km2 in 2019. The number of inhabitants exposed to limit values ​​above the regulations also decreased, from 22,726 people in 2018 to 20,135 people last year, a decrease of 11.4%.

The decrease in the airport’s noise footprint is linked to a decrease in the number of movements, especially after 22:00. To do this, the airport has implemented a series of measures to reduce the number of late take-offs, such as, for example, having reserve planes and prioritising delayed flights.

Airlines also continued to modernize their fleets last year with new generation quieter aircraft, notes Genève Aéroport. Aircraft movements classified in category 5, i.e. the least noisy, increased from 13.7% in 2018 to 18.7% in 2019.


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