Qatar Airways inaugurates world’s first A350 XWB route from Doha to Frankfurt


Next-Generation aircraft makes flying quieter at FRA – More comfort for passengers

Frankfurt Airport (FRA) today welcomed the arrival of Qatar Airways’ inaugural flight of the brand new A350 XWB (extra wide body) on the Doha to Frankfurt route – the world’s first commercial service with this low-noise, next-generation plane.  In late December 2014, Airbus delivered the first of eighty A350 XWB jets to its global launch customer Qatar Airways.  The state-of-the-art A350 XWB offers increased operating efficiencies for airlines, enhanced comfort for passengers, and reduced aircraft noise for the benefit of residents in the airport vicinity.  The Qatar Airways A350 XWB will be flying daily on the DOH-FRA route and provide comfortable seating for 283 passengers (36 business and 247economy class).  Fraport AG’s executive board member for operations (COO), Anke Giesen, said:  “The inauguration of the world’s first A350 XWB route from DOH to FRA marks another milestone in aviation, which Frankfurt Airport is proud to share.  We congratulate Qatar Airways, Airbus and Rolls Royce on this magnificent airplane and this memorable day.”

Giesen emphasized FRA’s tradition and commitment to next-generation jets:  “For many years, Frankfurt Airport has prepared itself early for next-generation planes by working closely and constructively with the aircraft manufacturers and airlines.”   Already in the 1970s, when FRA’s Terminal 1 was first being constructed, Frankfurt further expanded the terminal to serve as an ideal hub for the B747 jumbo. With the introduction of the Airbus A380 superjumbo, Fraport AG was actively involved in the first airport ground-handling tests in 2005 and the subsequent route-proving flights for the world’s largest passenger airliner – all conducted via Frankfurt Airport.  In the summer of 2014, Fraport also welcomed the Airbus A350 test flight from Iqualit (YFB) in the Canadian Arctic to Frankfurt.  Furthermore, FRA’s facilities, ground equipment and experienced handling teams are well-prepared to meet the requirements of next-generation jets.

Cabin size is not the only thing that makes the A350 so special.  There are other aspects of great importance to all aviation stakeholders.  For example, the plane’s increased efficiency and lower noise emissions will contribute to sustainable aviation in the years to come.  Fraport’s COO added:  “In particular, we will benefit from the latest technology that is being implemented with this advanced aircraft type. The significant reduction in noise emissions achieved by the A350 will help contribute to quieter flying at Frankfurt.  Compared to the existing generation of twin-engine, long-haul wide-body jets, the A350 XWB requires up to 25 percent less fuel and is substantially quieter.”

Airlines are rewarded for deploying the most advanced low-noise aircraft at Frankfurt Airport, thanks to Fraport’s proactive strategy of structuring landing fees on the basis of the actual noise generated by a plane.  This saves the airlines money and allows us to enhance our commitment toward sustainable aviation – which benefits residents in the Frankfurt region as well as people in Doha and the rest of the world.  More information about the Airbus A350 XWB is available via the Internet.

The world’s first commercial service with the A350 XWB is being operated by Qatar Airways on the Doha to Frankfurt route (inbound flight QR67 arriving from DOH at 12:30; outbound flight QR68 departing FRA at 15:25).  At FRA, passengers check in for Qatar Airways flights in Hall B of Terminal 1.



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