Brussels Airport opens new building for official guests


Brussels Airport has opened a new protocol building to offer its official guests, including the Belgian and foreign royal families, heads of state and government leaders, even more facilities and comfort.

As the airport of Europe’s capital, Brussels Airport has one of the most in-demand protocol services in the world.

The new building was formally opened this morning in the presence of the minister of Foreign Affairs, Didier Reynders and Transport Minister, Jacqueline Galant.

Brussels Airport has officially opened a new protocol building. Each year, almost 25,000 official guests, including royal families, heads of state and government leaders, make use of the protocol services at the airport. With the new protocol building Brussels Airport can better meet the specific needs of the official guests who wish to spend their time at the airport usefully and in the most agreeable way.

The protocol building is the first place these visitors see on arrival in Belgium, and so it should offer them a dignified welcome, characterised by the Belgian hospitality we are famous for around the world“, says Arnaud Feist, CEO of Brussels Airport.

The protocol building consists of a royal room, various lounges, meeting rooms and relaxation areas. It also has its own security screening platform and passport control. All the rooms and services are grouped on one floor so that the available surface is used more efficiently and the guests can enjoy their stay in spacious and comfortable lounges. The private lounges are equipped with movable partitions so that the rooms can be adapted to the size of the delegations. Technologically too, everything is organised in such a way that the guests can carry on their work activities efficiently.

In the protocol building, guests can make use of the various lounges and meeting rooms, catering and separate car park. Besides the screening of baggage and hand baggage, the check-in formalities and passport control also take place in the protocol building. Limousines take the guests to their airplane.

In recent years, an increasing number of official guests have been making use of the services of the protocol department. Brussels Airport has one of the most in-demand protocol services in the world, due to the many international institutions and to the image of Brussels as the heart and capital of Europe. An expansion and optimisation of the building were a logical decision, enabling Brussels Airport to continue offering the best service to its official guests. To that end, it was decided to move the building to another location with more space and possibilities.

In autumn, Brussels Airport plans to offer the premium service of the protocol department to passengers other than the official guests, as already is the case at many other airports.

June 15, 2015


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