Current News: Berlin Brandenburg Opening Schedule Tables in December


Current news related to BER does not reflect the present status of the work at FBB. What is correct is that we will (as has been noted publicly on many occasions) be discussing the schedule tables for the opening of BER during the Supervisory Board meeting on 12 December of this year. Preparations are under way. Jörg Marks, Head of Operations: “A number of completely different subjects are being indiscriminately confused in the reports now circulating. The agreed scheduling will be followed. We are evaluating the various topics individually and will incorporate them into schedule tables which will be discussed in December. The fact that some voices are calling for a ‘fundamental overhaul’ of the airport can, in my opinion, be explained only by a lack of knowledge about the concrete situation.”

The reports now being circulated completely misrepresent the actual status quo especially with respect to the planning which is still required. Jörg Marks, Head of Operations: “As of the missed opening date in June 2012, the terminal building had been expanded and revised a number of times without the necessary basis of adequate planning. We will not repeat this mistake. We know what we are doing. We are currently preparing valid overall plans and will use them as a basis to install and document functioning technical systems. Without this strict procedure, the authorities will never accept the terminal.”

The current status in brief: The safety systems (such as the smoke removal systems) and the building must be approved in accordance with construction law for the completion of BER and its acceptance by the authorities. FBB is at this time preparing two addenda to the construction permit for the smoke removal systems as well as the required conversions. The one addendum (submission scheduled for spring 2015) describes the mechanical smoke removal systems. This includes, for instance, the breakdown of the large Smoke Removal System 14 into smaller units. The other addendum (submission scheduled for summer 2015) is required to depict the conversions required during the terminal repair work in correct planning terms. The changes include corrections in the room numbers, changes in the room assignments, reoutfitting necessary for safety reasons and similar measures. This addendum is also required to describe to the assessors and inspecting authorities the final inspection requirements. The building and technical systems can be inspected solely on this basis.




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