Amsterdam Airport Schiphol terminal to become entirely smoke-free from April


As of April, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol’s entire terminal will be smoke-free. This means that all designated smoking areas after Security Control will be closed. The ones in the terminal before Security Control have closed already. By closing the smoking areas in its catering outlets, Schiphol is complying with the ruling of the Supreme Court of the Netherlands that all smoking areas in Dutch catering outlets must be closed.

In September last year, the Supreme Court ruled that smoking areas in catering outlets had to be closed with immediate effect. In response, Schiphol could have elected to designate a number of smoking areas ‘public’, i.e. no longer part of a catering outlet. However, the airport has chosen a different approach, which is to translate its ambition to achieve a smoke-free terminal into action.

26 March 2020


  1. Was about time ! Cannot believe there were still smoking areas in Schiphol. !


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