The 19 people onboard an Antonov An-28 alive after emergency landing in Siberia

TOMSK REGION, RUSSIA – JULY 16, 2021: A view of an Antonov An-28 passenger plane that made a hard landing in Russia’s Tomsk Region. All 19 people on board survived the incident. Stringer/TASS

An An-28 plane with 2 crew and 17 passengers on board that disappeared from radar in Siberia on Friday has been found, along with its 19 occupants, all of whom survived an emergency landing.

The plane registered RA-28728, operated by “Sibirskaya Legkaya Aviatsiya” (Siberian Light Aviation or SiLA), was carrying out flight 42 between the small town of Kedrovy and Tomsk when it stopped communicating around 17:00 local time (10:00 GMT).

Three Mi-8 helicopters with a parachute landing unit were immediately dispatched to search for the An-28 in the southern Tomsk region. And nearly two hours after the distress signal went off, the plane was found.

The plane was “badly damaged“. “All the passengers and crew are alive,” an official from SiLA told Interfax. Images show that the twin-engine plane ended up in a field upside down.

A SiLA executive told TASS that the plane was delayed ten hours due to bad weather conditions.

SiLA An-28 RA-28728



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