200 Luxair passengers stranded at Liège airport for the night

200 passengers on board Luxair flight LG922 got stuck at Liège airport last night as their flight from Hurghada to Luxembourg was forced to divert to the Belgian airport. A small PC12 turboprop aircraft (PH-EDH) landed in the grass side of the runway at Luxembourg airport on Tuesday evening forcing the Boeing 737-800 (LX-LGU) to make the diversion.

To RTBF a French tourist explained: “I was traveling with my husband and three children (4, 8, 12 years old) from Hurghada to Luxembourg, we arrived at Liège airport but didn’t receive any concrete information. Many children slept on the ground on beach towels, clearly Liège airport didn’t expect our arrival!

Christian Decourt, spokesman of Liège airport explains: “It’s not exceptional that aircraft divert to Bierset for technical or safety reasons, but as we don’t have a Luxair office at the airport the passengers had to sleep in the terminal. Some 30 passengers went back on their own, while Aviapartner tried to find free hotels but to no avail. Liège airport provided them with a breakfast.

Last night Luxembourg Airport tweeted that the stranded passengers would get a bus service from Liège to Luxembourg, luchtzak.be has no idea what went wrong with that promise.



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