Traffic results of Austrian Airlines for July 2015: three percent increase in passenger volume

• Intercontinental flight traffic in July 2015: 6.0 percent more passengers
• European routes in July 2015: number of passengers rise by 2.4 percent
• Capacity utilization surpasses the 80 percent threshold, rising to 85.3 percent
In July 2015, Austrian Airlines carried more than 1.1 million passengers, corresponding to a year-on-year increase of three percent. This rise resulted from growth in both the airline’s European and intercontinental flight traffic. The flight offering measured in available seat kilometers (ASK) rose by 0.7 percent, whereas revenue passenger kilometers (RPK) were even up by three percent. Capacity utilization of the flights (passenger load factor) in July 2015 amounted to 85.3 percent, comprising an increase of 1.9 percentage points.

In the period January to July 2015, Austrian Airlines carried a total of over 6.1 million passengers, a decline of 5.5 percent as planned. The ongoing consolidation strategy of Austrian Airlines is also reflected in the airline’s indicators of the first six month. European flight traffic was down due to the weak business in Eastern Europe, which is related to the situation in Russia and the Ukraine. In contrast, growth was generated in intercontinental flight traffic to the Middle East in spite of the prevailing crisis. The flight offering as measured by ASK was up 0.2 percent, whereas RPK were down by 2.0 percent. For this, cumulative capacity utilization fell by 1.7 percentage points to 76.8 percent as expected.

Traffic statistics in detail


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