A passenger spots a Stella Artois 33cl in the cockpit


After landing from a flight at Birmingham airport a Jet2.com passenger spotted a can of Stella Artois in the cockpit, nicely served on a napkin. According to several British media the passenger was “shocked” and couldn’t understand why there was Belgian beer in the cockpit.

A Jet2 statement quickly silenced any rumours: “Upon further investigation of the photograph, we can confirm that it is an unopened can which had been handed to a member of our cabin crew by a customer when they were leaving the aircraft, this unopened can was then put down in the cockpit by the member of cabin crew, so that she could continue helping customers as they disembarked.


  1. Probably the passenger must have thought:”Naaah, a Stella, ain’t gonna drink that, let’s make someone else happy with it”, after which the pilot put it aside to discard it later.
    Despite me being from Leuven, and therefore morally obliged to like Stella, I really don’t understand people thinking that beer is anywhere near decent 🙂


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