Jet2 plane makes emergency landing at Faro Airport


Jet2 Airbus 321neo, registered G-SUNB and operating flight  LS1266 from Tenerife South to Birmingham, made an emergency landing at Faro Airport on 22 February due to reported smoke inside the plane.

The aircraft safely landed at 16:40 with 220 passengers on board. A red alert was declared but deactivated after the successful landing. Approximately 80 local firefighting, police, and civil protection forces responded to the incident.

This follows a series of emergency landings at Faro Airport in December, involving three Ryanair planes, all of which landed safely.

The aircraft remained in Faro after the incident and the stranded passengers were flown home on a relief aircraft, a Boeing 757 registered G-LSAK which landed at Birmingham shortly before midnight, i.e. six and a half hours after schedule.

The Airbus A321neo flew back to Birmingham the next morning, 23 February, as ferry flight EXS052B.


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