ITA Airways boosts fleet with four new Airbus aircraft in a single week, embracing green technology

ITA Airways Airbus A330-900

ITA Airways has significantly enhanced its fleet by adding four new-generation Airbus aircraft within a week, bringing the total to 44 out of 87. This move underscores the airline’s commitment to modernisation and sustainability, with over 50% of the fleet comprising new-generation models.

In detail, the four aircraft that have been incorporated into the fleet, representing four different categories, include: an A330-900 owned by ITA Airways, an A321neo, an A320neo, and an A220-100, with the latter three being on lease. The swift integration of these aircraft was facilitated by rigorous procedures and collaboration with regulatory authorities.

Francesco Presicce, ITA Airways’ Accountable Manager & Chief Technology Officer, highlighted the airline’s ambitious goals to introduce 26 more aircraft by the year’s end, with 67% being new-generation models. The airline aims to outfit its fleet with advanced technology and onboard Wi-Fi to improve efficiency and reduce environmental impact, aligning with its goal of becoming Europe’s most eco-friendly carrier by 2027.

This expansion reflects ITA Airways’ growth strategy while prioritising sustainability for the benefit of both the environment and the community.


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