Flight overbooked: easyJet throws unaccompanied minor off the plane

An overbooked easyJet flight at London Gatwick ended up with a 15-year old unaccompanied minor stranded at Gatwick Airport, newspaper The Guardian reports.

Casper Read, a schoolboy from West Sussex, was taking his second flight alone to stay with relatives in Toulouse, France. His mother accompanied him at the check-in to help him with his bags before he parted through the security gate. Read was given a boarding pass for seat 9A, and just as he was about to text his mother he was aboard safety, another passenger claimed his seat. Read was told he must leave the overbooked plane.

His mother Stephanie Portal returned to the airport and found staff to help assist with finding her son in departures.

easyJet apologized for the “inconvenience”.


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