Former Martinair pilots sign KLM collective labour agreement and get a 33% salary increase


Former Martinair pilots, represented by trade union AVV, have reached an agreement in principle with KLM for a new collective labour agreement. The deal includes a 33 percent salary increase for 150 cargo pilots in 2023, along with employment protection until April 2026.

The agreement also covers an 18 percent wage increase, an 11 percent one-off payment for years of standstill, and a profit share equal to other KLM pilots, leading to a projected 33 percent wage increase in 2024. Pensions will also see an increase.

The agreement, still pending member approval, follows strikes by former Martinair cargo pilots who were reinstated after a court order following their dismissal during the Martinair-KLM merger.

The agreement aims to provide equal rights and prevent further dismissals, ensuring protection for pilots during Airbus training in early 2026.

AVV chairman Martin Pikaart hailed the deal as a “fantastic result,” restoring confidence and effectiveness to their actions.


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