Air Belgium operates two special flights from Dakar and Banjul to Brussels


On 25 March 2020, Air Belgium is operating two more repatriation flights for stranded passengers in Banjul and Dakar, which are due to arrive at Brussels.

The long-haul Belgian airline continues repatriation flights at the request of the Belgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs; after a few flights in Central and South America to Europe, Air Belgium is operating two flights from Dakar Blaise Diagne DSS, Senegal and from Banjul BJL, The Gambia to Brussels on 25 March 2020, using Airbus A340-300 aircraft registered OO-ABB (with its Martinique-Guadeloupe livery) and OO-ABD, and are on the way to West-Africa as KF221P and KF220P.

Schedule :

KF2212 DSS - BRU 14:10 - 20:30 A343 OO-ABD 25/03/2020
KF2202 BJL - BRU 15:15 - 22:00 A343 OO-ABB 25/03/2020

Furthermore, Niky Terzakis, CEO of Air Belgium recently said to Belga “that 1 or 2 aircraft would be enough to use if special flights are needed, however, we are not sure to maintain this kind of operations”, and also request “an urgent loan of a few million euros to survive”, with technical unemployment for its employees, but no redundancy plan is expected, he added.

Despite the suspension of the Antilles route, the airline succeeded in bringing all passengers home.


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