Air Belgium organises a rescue flight for Belgian tourists in Argentina


On 21 March 2020, Air Belgium will fly from Buenos Aires to Belgium in order to repatriate tourists stranded in Argentina.

The Belgian long-haul airline is to fly on Saturday from Buenos Aires – Ezeiza Airport, with an Airbus A340-300 registered OO-ABA, to Brussels South Charleroi Airport, departing at 13:15 local time and arriving on Sunday in the early morning.

The flight is a request of the Belgian Federal Public Service Foreign affairs. It occurs as Argentina enters in quarantine until 31 March due to the spread of COVID-19 outbreak.

It will be the first time that a flight will be operated non-stop from Buenos Aires to Brussels.

Furthermore, Air Belgium’s A340 OO-ABA has already operated rescue flights today with stranded passengers of a cruise ship in the Antilles, who took the plane from Pointe-à-Pitre to Buenos Aires.

Another Airbus A340-300, registered OO-ABD, has arrived at Puerto Vallarta in order to fly to Düsseldorf.

Air Belgium has operated other rescue flights, even on their own operations to the French Antilles as the airline will suspend them on 22 March 2020, Friday KF5961 flight was cancelled.

From Punta Cana to Paris Charles-de-Gaulle or from Pointe-à-Pitre to Frankfurt, Air Belgium help people to get home.

UPDATE: The Air Belgium flight from Buenos Aires will fly directly to Brussels Airport.

OO-ABD arrived at Cologne/Bonn instead of Düsseldorf due to the night closure of the latter airport.



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