American teen jailed two months for ditching quarantine on Cayman Islands


Skylar Mack, an American teen and student at Mercer University in Georgia who was sentenced to four months in jail for breaking COVID-19 quarantine in the Cayman Islands, had her sentence reduced to two months, as well as her boyfriend Vanjae Ramgeet, a professional jet-ski racer.

On 27 November, Mack took a flight to the Cayman Islands to see her boyfriend compete in the jet-ski national championship. She was supposed to quarantine for 14 days, wearing the required visitor wristband monitor.

But after just two days of isolation, Mack made the mistake of slipping off the tracking device and going out to watch Ramgeet compete thus violating isolation protocol a day after the government had upped its penalties for such moves. Ramgeet was charged with abetting her rogue behavior.

Mack’s grandmother, told on NBC-TV’s “today show” that her granddaughter was crying all the time and that she wanted to come home. The grandmother also wrote the president Trump hoping for help.

On 15 December, the couple was sentenced for four months but they appealed the decision.

Mack, Ramgeet sentences reduced to 2 months


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