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Virgin Orbit declares bankruptcy and seeks a buyer

Virgin Orbit, which designs rockets for launching small satellites, has filed for bankruptcy protection in preparation for sale, the company announced on Tuesday. The...

Virgin Orbit suspends operations; seeks additional funding

Virgin Orbit has decided to suspend its operation for one week, the American space company also furloughs almost all of its entire staff during...

Virgin Orbit’s LauncherOne reaches space, but falls short to reach orbit

The historic first attempt to launch satellites from British soil reached space late last night, but ultimately fell short of reaching its target orbit....

First orbital satellite to set off for space from western Europe will be launched from Cornwall in southwest England on Monday

If everything goes according to plan, the first-ever orbital launch from the United Kingdom, Europe will take place this evening at 23:16 (UTC +1)....

ANA Holdings and Virgin Orbit agree on 20 LauncherOne flights from Japan

ANA HOLDINGS, owner of All Nippon Airways (ANA) establishes a new space business as an exclusive distributor of Asia's first air-launch service.ANA HOLDINGS INC.,...

Virgin Orbit aces second launch demo from the wing of a Boeing 747-400 and deploys NASA payloads

Virgin Orbit, the California-based satellite launch company, confirmed that its LauncherOne rocket reached space during the company’s second launch demonstration today, successfully deploying 10...

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