Aircraft recycler Aerocircular is already bankrupt at Ostend Airport

Aerocircular, the company that dismantled aircraft at Ostend-Bruges airport and had a large warehouse erected for this purpose, has been declared bankrupt. It was...

Aerocircular welcomes first of seven Airbus A320 from Lufthansa Group to be dismantled at Ostend Airport

On Wednesday, February 24, 2021, Aerocircular welcomed the first of seven A320 aircraft from Lufthansa Group to be dismantled at the International Airport Ostend-Bruges,...

Euramec recycles A320 cockpit from Aerocircular into flight simulator

Euramec leads the way in smart Flight Simulation upcycling with a cost-saving A320 Cockpit Refurbishing Programme for ‘New Era in Aviation’.Euramec, the European flight...

ELG Carbon Fibre and Aerocircular N.V. develop closed-loop recycling scheme for end-of-life aircraft

Aerocircular N.V with registered office at International Airport Ostend-Bruges, Belgium and ELG Carbon Fibre, Ltd. with registered office at Coseley, UK join forces in...

A first aircraft sent to Ostend Airport for dismantling at Aerocircular

On Thursday 5 September, Lufthansa Technik AG and Aerocircular NV will sign a framework agreement to dismantle aircraft in Ostend.Within this framework agreement, Aerocircular... latest trending