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Eilat Ramon Airport (ETM)

Ryanair launches biggest-ever schedule to Israel, new destination Eilat Ramon with four routes, including from Charleroi

200 WEEKLY FLIGHTS, 25 ROUTES INCL. 4 NEW ROUTES TO EILATRyanair launched its biggest-ever schedule to Israel, operating 200 flights a week, to 25...

Passenger on flight from Brussels to Tel Aviv films rockets exploding above the city

On 13 May, El Al flight LY332 from Brussels, Belgium, to Tel Aviv, Israel, was forced to enter a holding pattern East of Tel...

Israel diverts incoming passenger flights from Tel Aviv Airport to Eilat Ramon Airport

Today's incoming flights to Israel will land at Eilat Ramon Airport, Israel's second-biggest airport, and not at Tel Aviv Ben Gurion Airport. At Ramon...

New “Greenfield” Desert International Airport in Israel

Israel's first civil airport built from scratch ("greenfield"), servicing the Red Sea resort city of Eilat and surrounding regionAmir Mann - Moshe Zur...

Eilat’s new Ramon airport welcomes first passengers today, 4 February

Israel’s first new purpose-built gateway, Ramon International Airport (ETM / LLER), comes into official use today, Monday 4 February, with the arrival of the...

Ramon Airport near Eilat (Israel) will be inaugurated on 21 January 2019

Ramon Airport will be inaugurated on 21 January 2019, near Eilat, a town where Club Med had a village until 2012.The first slots are...

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