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Embraer to develop Eve, its urban eVTOL air mobility business, through several partnerships

Eve is the urban air mobility business created by Embraer S.A. and established as an independent company in October 2020. Eve has a comprehensive urban...

Embraer and Republic Airways firm up order for 100 E175s

Embraer and Republic Airways, the world's largest E-Jet operator, have signed a contract for a firm order of 100 E175 jets. This agreement was...

After Boeing and Airbus sky art: Embraer is drawing

Sky art seems to be very contagious! After the Boeing sky art drawing and the immediate response of Airbus, an Embraer (N177HQ) has now...

Embraer signs agreements with United Airlines and Republic Airways

Embraer announced today that it has signed a firm sale for 24 E175 jets with United Airlines. This order represents a transfer of 24...

Lack of pilots in the US sends Republic Airways into bankruptcy

The Republic Airways Holdings group began operating under creditor protection Thursday in order to launch a restructuring, explaining its poor financial health by a...

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