Access to Brussels Airport’s train station to be controlled by gates


From 1 June, Brussels-National-Airport station will be equipped with access gates.

Travellers to and from Brussels Airport will have to validate their ticket to the access portals to enter or leave the station.


Either by scanning the bar code printed on their ticket, or by validating their MOBIB card. If you travel to Brussels National Airport, it will be important to always keep on hand your ticket to ensure the fluidity of the transfer.

1. Go to a gate displaying a green arrow

2. Present your Mobib card to the reader or scan the bar code on your ticket

3. The portal opens, you can now leave or enter the station

In practice
Children under 12 accompanied travel free and can go through the gates with the help of support staff. It is the same for holders of a national discount card on public transport, for the blind and visually impaired.

Specific portals are planned for people with reduced mobility. Standard gates are designed for one person, but they can accommodate small objects and luggage.

It will remain possible to take a connection at Brussels-National-Airport station without having to go through the gates.

Note again that there will always be staff around. These employees are at your disposal for any questions or problems. Furthermore, a terminal equipped with an intercom system will allow at any time to make contact with a member of the staff.


  1. But how do you get through the gates with a 10 trip ticket Zone Brussels – Brussels Airport?

  2. Richard, your 10-trip ticket must now be on a Mobib card, which is readable by the portal. Else, you have to ask the staff present at the gate.

  3. Hi, after validating the single journey ticket when getting either in to bus or train, do I have to touch the card at the reader when leaving?
    Thanks in advance.

  4. After validation, you are OK until destination. No need to present your card or ticket again at exit.


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