TUI fly Deutschland aircraft with blown tires blocking Fuerteventura airport runway


Runway 01/19 of Fuerteventura airport is currently blocked after a TUI fly Germany Boeing 737-800 blew two tires during take-off.

The aircraft registered D-ASUN was bound for Hanover under flight number X3-2149. It was rolling down runway 01 and accelerated to 100 knots but the pilots decided to abort the take-off when both left-hand main tires were blown and separating from the wheels. The aircraft slowed on left main wheel rims, nose and right main gear tires and came to a safe stop on the runway about 1700 metres from the start of takeoff run and about 890 meters from the displaced threshold.

The runway features four new grooves parallel to the runway centre line. The passengers disembarked via stairs onto the runway and were bussed back to the terminal.

Many flights were forced to divert to neighbouring airports: Neos NO446 from Bologna diverted to Tenerife Sur (TFS), LS521 from Newcastle diverted to Lanzarote. Flights and are both diverting to Lanzarote.

Featured image is not the actual aircraft.


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