Saha Airlines Boeing 707 crashes at Fath Airport, Iran – Several casualties


On 14 January, a Saha Airlines Boeing 707 (EP-CPP) has crashed in the region of Karaj during landing from Bishkek, Kirgistan. The aircraft, intended to land at Payam Airport, landed at the much smaller Fath Airport (runway length of only 1,000 meters), overran the runway and crashed into houses past the end of the runway. 

The Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force (IRIAF) – full owner of the airline – announced that  16 crew members were on board the aircraft. Officials said that 15 bodies have been recovered from the wreckage. One passenger survived the crash, he is believed to be the flight engineer.

Saha Airlines operates domestic passenger services using Boeing 737-300 airplanes, and cargo charters carried out with Boeing 747 freighters when required. On 3 May 2013, all flight operations were suspended, Saha Airlines began operating again in 2017. The belated aircraft is 43 years old, often carrying cargo on domestic flights within Iran, and to some areas of the Middle East, including Syria.

Pictures of the crash site


  1. From On Jan 17th 2019 the flight engineer, only survivor of the crash, gave a TV interview from his hospital bed. The flight engineer stated, that the landing was entirely normal, however, at the wrong airport. He stated (translation from Persion to English by a native Persian reader of AVH): “We followed normal procedure, and landed normally. Then all of the sudden we found ourselves at the end of the runway. It all happened so fast that there was no time for any kind of reaction, not even a shout or comment. No one said or did anything as we were all shocked by the suddenness of what was happening. I didn’t feel anything after that. I regained consciousness a while later and found myself sandwiched between two bodies with fire approaching from behind. I couldn’t move as my clothes were entangled in metal scraps. I saw a youngster trying to help outside the aircraft and shouted. He heard me and helped me out”.


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