Brussels Airlines crew is helping stranded Ryanair passengers


Brussels Airlines employees are sharing discount codes on social media. With the discount people can book a flight with Brussels Airlines in case their Ryanair flight has been canceled in the coming days or weeks.

Brussels Airlines spokesman Geert Sciot adds: “Brussels Airlines staff can issue discount codes to family and friends, who can get a 15 percent discount when booking a flight. It’s called an ambassador-code. People who work for Brussels Airlines often get questions from their family and relatives if they can not arrange a ticket. That’s why we introduced that system. We do not share free tickets, but we do you have discount codes.

On many personal Facebook profiles of Brussels Airlines crew you will see a very funny message for friends and relatives who got stranded by the Ryanair cancellations. The message has gone viral and even reached

To all my Facebook friends who still didn’t learn 😜 and who are  victim of Ryanair cancellations: contact me for a special 15% discount on your next Brussels Airlines flight!

Brussels Airlines emphasizes that it is a spontaneous action by its staff.


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