A passenger dies on LOT flight from Rhodes to Katowice, forcing an emergency landing in Bucharest

A passenger died on LOT Polish Airlines flight LO6160 from the Greek island of Rhodes to Katowice, Poland, causing the airliner, a Boeing 737 MAX 8 registered SP-LVM, to make an emergency landing in Bucharest, Romania, a LOT spokesperson said on Friday.

The passenger lost consciousness during the flight, and was resuscitated by crew members until the plane touched down in Bucharest, where a physician confirmed his death.

The remaining passengers were transferred to a terminal, waiting for a replacement crew to fly the jet back to Katowice, as the original crew had been deemed unfit to fly owing to stress caused by the situation.

The flight eventually arrived at destination with a delay of 10 hours.

Source: PAP, Flightradar24


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