Belgian tourist industry awards Jetair and TUI Travel with eight Travel Magazine Awards


Boeing Dreamliner tourist Innovation of the Year

The most modern aircraft in the world has revolutionized travel in the Caribbean

The Belgian tourist sector has awarded its annual Oscars last night, the Travel Magazine Travel Awards. The tour operator Jetair and the TUI group received eight awards.

After positive feedback from travellers, the travel industry now formally confirmed that the introduction of the Boeing 787 “Dreamliner” of Jetairfly is the most important innovation in the sector.

In a survey conducted at the request of the trade magazine Travel Magazine, the Belgian travel agents rewarded Jetair and TUI Belgium in several categories. According to them, Jetair is the best tour operator for holidays by plane and ski holidays. received the award for best travel website of the Belux. The redesign and increased performance of the website in the past year are thus rewarded.

RIU Hotels & Resorts, part of the TUI group like Jetair, was once again proclaimed by travel agents the best hotel chain for holidays.

Sirius Travel Service – the air broker of Jetair and Jetaircenter – receives the International Services prize as the Belgian tourist company that was most strongly distinguished abroad. The director of Sirius, Jeroen Janda, who retired this year, was awarded the Lifetime Achievement TM.

An valuable important prize is the award for the most important innovation of the year. Since late 2013, Jetairfly conducts its direct flights to the Caribbean with the Boeing 787 “Dreamliner”. The world’s most advanced commercial aircraft offers Belgian travellers a completely new flight experience. Both technologically and ecologically it is a milestone in the Belgian airline industry that propelled the Caribbean in the list of preferred destinations of the Belgians.

Frédéric Back of the travel agency Jetair Premium Partner Ammavita Travel Arlon received the award Leisure Travel Agent. This prize rewards as the best travel agent in the French-speaking part of the country after being elected by a mystery shopper and a professional jury following a practice “review”.

• Jetair Belgian brand is the 1st holiday that 2.17 million travelers entrust their vacation every year (2013).
• Jetairfly is the second Belgian airline. It carried 3.4 million passengers (2013) and has a fleet of 23 aircraft.
• Jetaircenter (71) and Jetair Premium Partner (83) form a Belgian network of 154 travel agencies.
• These brands form TUI Benelux, the first tourist group in the Benelux, with 4,000 employees, 3.6 million passengers, 330 travel agencies and 33 aircraft. TUI Benelux is part of TUI Travel PLC, the first tourist group in the world.