Famous Airbus A310, located on a terrain in Gilly, Belgium, burns down

The famous ex-Nigeria Airways Airbus A310 – Picture copyright François-Xavier Wuyts

The famous Airbus A310, an ex-Nigeria Airways aircraft located on a terrain near Gilly – close to Charleroi – burned down this evening. In 1999, the aircraft “landed” on the terrain and had several functions during her post-flight career: an Italian restaurant, a discotheque and even a cocktail bar (see pictures).

Back in Summer 2019, the aircraft was sold to a French group. The aircraft was supposed to be dismantled already, but the coronavirus pandemic slowed things down. Bad news for the new owners as the aircraft was scheduled to leave next January 2021.

Emergency services rushed to the site, firefighters approached the aircraft, which was used by squatters, but the fire was too violent and the tail of the aircraft collapsed shortly after.

Fortunately, nobody got injured.

How the fire started is currently unknown, an investigation will be launched.

On 4 September 2018, Aviation24.be reported about the aircraft: Striking a bargain? An Airbus A310, located on a terrain near Gilly (Belgium), is for sale

Striking a bargain ? An Airbus A310, located on a terrain near Gilly (Belgium), is for sale



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