The Dassault Falcon 6X makes the show at the Paris Air Show

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Authors: Benoit Denet & Martin Gillet

While the Paris Air Show is sometimes in full swing in very stormy weather, we had the opportunity to visit the brand new Dassault Falcon 6X. The latest addition to the French manufacturer’s range of business jets made the show at this show.

It was on March 10, 2021, in the midst of the Covid 19 crisis, that the first flight took place. It is therefore with a certain joy and emotion that the Dassault teams were able to show their know-how in the Parisian sky after complicated years for airshows and other aeronautical shows.

Between the demonstrations of the Dassault Rafale and other Airbus A320, the pilots of the 6X twin-engines demonstrated with elegance and dexterity for such a machine. Manoeuvrability and power are on point.

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We must no longer make the presentation of this aircraft manufacturer. With its range of business jets known all over the planet, it is a true market leader. It began with the study of a business jet in the 1950s by the company’s design office located in Bordeaux-Mérignac. The Mystère 100 programme which will become the Falcon 20 was launched. The Falcon range has since been extended to include all sizes and performance levels, in twin-engine and three-engine versions. These include the Falcon 10, 50, 900 and 2000. Then came the X series, with the 7X already a huge success, the Falcon 5X and 8X, and soon the 10X, on which Dassault staking a lot.

In this niche sector, the battle with American, Canadian and other competitors is fierce. For the Falcon 6X, it is of course the Bombardier Global 6000 from Canada and the legendary Gulfstream G600 that are present in this niche.

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The Falcon 6X is the new benchmark for business aviation in terms of cabin comfort and productivity. With 1.98 m under ceiling and 2.58 m wide, the cabin section of the 6X makes this aircraft the first ultra wide body business jet on the market. Thirty extra-large windows and a skylight flood the cabin with natural light, while offering true panoramic views. The Falcon 6X cabin allows more freedom of movement, privacy and relaxation, and more room for teamwork. Equally important, it can be customised to suit any need.

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© Martin Gillet
©Martin Gillet – Upon entering the aircraft, the finesse of the setup is stunning with a window in the ceiling bringing direct light in the galley.

The 6X dominates the long-range business jet segment. With an intercontinental flight range of 5,500 nm (10,186 km), it can link London and Hong Kong or Los Angeles and Moscow nonstop. It features an advanced version of the digital flight control system first introduced on board the Falcon 7X and optimized for the 8X.

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The FalconEye combined vision system is fitted as standard, in order to offer an optimum level of safety and situational representativeness during approaches in the dark or in degraded weather. Like all Falcons, the 6X will offer great flexibility of use, thanks in particular to its ability to approach steep slopes on short runways. Not only does the Falcon 6X surround passengers in unparalleled space and comfort, but its advanced technologies, from revolutionary digital systems to near-perfect aerodynamics, create a flight experience like no other.

Dassault’s Digital Flight Control System (DFCS) controls all flight control surfaces for optimal performance and efficiency. Advanced flight envelope protection increases safety margins. Falcons with DFCS improve cockpit resource management (CRM) and reduce pilot workload to provide passengers with a smooth and comfortable flight experience.

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The aircraft is equipped with two new-generation Pratt & Whitney PW812D engines, enabling a significant reduction in fuel consumption and carbon emissions. It is compatible with Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF).

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Specifications :

  • MAX number of PAX : 12-16
  • Range : 5500 Nm (10186kms)
  • MAX certified altitude : 51000 ft (15544m)
  • Takeoff Distance (sea level, MAX T/O weight): 5480ft (1767 m)
  • Landing Distance (sea level, Typical landing weight): 2480ft (755m)
  • Wingspan: 85,1 ft (25,9m)
  • Length : 84,3 ft (25,6 m)
  • MAX T/O weight: 77460lb (3513 kg)
  • MAX Operating Mach: .90
    © Benoît Denet
    © Benoît Denet

    © Benoît Denet


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