Rostec completes tests of the first PD-8 turbofan engine prototype, intended to replace imported engine for the SSJ-New and BE-200

PD-8 turbofan engine © UEC

The Rostec United Engine Corporation has successfully completed the bench testing program for the first prototype of the PD-8 engine. The tests confirmed that the engine and its systems can operate according to the basic parameters laid down in the terms of reference, and that the design solutions used in the product are correct.

During the multi-stage tests, the ODK specialists debugged the automatic control systems and stabilised the engine start-up with further idling. Engineers made the necessary number of runs to record the basic parameters of the engine in all modes of operation, from “idle” to “full throttle” mode.

The PD-8 two-spool turbofan engine, intended for the import substituted passenger aircraft SSJ-New and BE-200 amphibious aircraft, is made using cutting-edge Russian materials and advanced processing technologies, including additive manufacturing. A range of UEC enterprises is involved in the process, widely leveraging the expertise gained when working on the PD-14 engine.


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