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(Un)Lucky Air flight 8L9960 cancelled as passenger throws “good fortune” coins into aircraft’s engine

On 17 February, Hainan Airlines subsidiary Lucky Air was forced to cancel flight 8L9960 between the Chinese cities of Anqing and Kunming. Reason? A...
Hainan Airlines - Airbus A330 copyright Wim Peeters

HNA Group announces death of Chairman Wang Jian in an accident in France

HNA Group today announced with great sadness the tragic and sudden death of its co-founder and Chairman, Wang Jian, age 57, in an accident...

Lucky Air Flight grounded in Anhui after 76-year-old woman tossed coin in aircraft engine

The flight has been canceled after a 76-year-old woman was found flipping coins into aircraft engine,The 8L9960 flight, scheduled Wednesday from Anqing, east... latest trending