(Un)Lucky Air flight 8L9960 cancelled as passenger throws “good fortune” coins into aircraft’s engine


On 17 February, Hainan Airlines subsidiary Lucky Air was forced to cancel flight 8L9960 between the Chinese cities of Anqing and Kunming. Reason? A 28-year-old passenger threw “good fortune” coins into the engine of the Airbus A320neo aircraft. As a consequence, extra maintenance was required to check the engine and the airline was forced to cancel the flight. 161 passengers had to be taken care of, the airline estimates the loss at $21,000.

It’s not the first time that a passengers throws coins into an airplane’s engine as on 19 October 2017, a 76-year-old lady got caught. Strange fact: the incident occurred on exactly the same flight (8L9960).

Lucky Air Flight grounded in Anhui after 76-year-old woman tossed coin in aircraft engine


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