The train ever more popular to Brussels airport



Almost a fifth of the passengers of Brussels Airport took the train during the summer holidays to get to the airport. This is much more than last year. The advice inviting travellers to come as much as possible to the airport by public transport has clearly been followed.

Both in July and in August, a record number of passengers for the summer holidays went by train to Brussels Airport. Compared to last year, this represents an increase of 6%. Moreover, the train is the means of transport that has gained the most in popularity over other means of transport to the airport. During the summer holidays, 19% of all passengers from the airport took the train to/from the airport, compared to 17% last year.

The Minister for Mobility is satisfied with these good results. “These figures particularly pleased me. They show that the Belgians have found the way to the station to get to the airport by train. With the recent opening of the Schuman-Josaphat tunnel, it is now already 83 Belgian stations that offer a direct connection to the Airport.”

The train is one of the fastest and easiest ways to reach Brussels Airport. The Brussels Airport station is just off the departures and arrivals lobby. During the week, every hour, no less than twelve trains stop at the station, 10 during the weekend. Thus, cities like Antwerp, Ghent, Hasselt, Namur and Charleroi receive at least one train every hour to Brussels Airport.

The complete trains offer can be found on the site or via the free app SNCB.


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