Basque airports celebrate this weekend the sixth ‘Euskal Spotting Weekend’


Fifty aeronautical photography enthusiasts will enjoy these days at the foot of the runway organised in collaboration with Basque Spotting

Basque airports host this weekend the sixth edition of the conference dedicated to aeronautical photography, an activity known by the English term ‘spotting’. From today, Thursday, until next Saturday, photographers who usually stand outside airports to capture images of aircraft will be able to take a closer look at landing and takeoff operations.

The three Basque airports offer a great variety to these photographers, who will exceed fifty. Today, in Vitoria, they will be able to capture freighters of various sizes with their cameras in the usual daily operations. Tomorrow, in San Sebastián, they will have in front of their objectives both planes dedicated to short-haul flights and small planes and aircraft dedicated to executive flights. On Saturday, in Bilbao, it will be the turn of the planes of the main European airlines that operate at this airport.

This event has the essential support of the Basque Spotting association. With this meeting of aeronautical photography, the Basque airports intend to foster a greater rapprochement with society, while contributing to improving knowledge of their facilities.

September 22, 2022


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