TUI Belgium expands city break range with three new destinations: Bilbao, Thessaloniki and Tel Aviv

Bilbao Airport © Basotxerri, CC BY-SA 4.0,

The range of city trips has been systematically expanded at tour operator TUI for years. Now that the cultural cities have weathered the difficult corona years, city trips are clearly catching up. The well-known metropolises still score by far the best, but there is also an increasing group of travellers who are looking for just the opposite: the surprise of a lesser-known city that few have visited. Within this segment, TUI Belgium is launching 3 new destinations this summer in addition to the thirty existing cities: Bilbao in the Spanish Basque Country, the student city of Thessaloniki on the Greek mainland and Tel Aviv in Israel, known for its Bauhaus architecture and vibrant nightlife

Tour operator TUI, the largest travel organisation in Belgium, has been offering city trips for decades. It started with Paris, London, Rome, Athens, Venice and Vienna, the classics, each with its own character and a strong cultural offer. These cities are still at the top because even those who have been there before still like to come back for the atmosphere, for a temporary exhibition or for a new attraction.

After these cities, a new offer of city trips came at the beginning of this century: Seville, Lisbon, Valencia, Porto and Dublin received great interest and many Belgians have already visited these cities. Those who can only free up a short amount of time and prefer to travel by car or train, are now increasingly booking weekends in Cologne, Amsterdam or even staying in their own country, such as in Antwerp, Ghent or Bruges.

The newest cities that TUI is adding to its range this summer each have their own history and are often known for a very characteristic element. When you say Bilbao, you naturally think of the Guggenheim Museum. Thessaloniki, the second largest city in Greece, is home to numerous monuments and museums of Greek antiquity, but is also a vibrant student city. And the swinging Tel Aviv, ‘the white city’ due to its many buildings from the thirties, is on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The city is also known among party people for its overwhelming beach and nightlife.

In all cities, including these three, you can book many visits in advance via TUI Experiences. Certainly, the ‘skip the line’ tickets with which you avoid long and time-consuming queues on site are highly sought after and highly recommended for those who want to get the most out of their city trip.

You can book a TUI city trip at or via a travel agent.

You can book a TUI Experiences trip or entrance ticket at or via a travel agent.


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