A new service at Tegel Airport: “Berlin Airport” app points passengers in the right direction

The latest version of the Berlin Airport app sees Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH offering passengers at Tegel Airport a brand new service. Now, app users can opt to receive location-specific push notifications to help them find their way around the airport and get the most out of the airport’s amenities. The notifications are triggered by tiny Bluetooth transmitters called beacons.

Passengers who have entered their flight in the app receive a push notification the moment they enter the terminal building with instructions on the fastest route to their gate. Before passing through security screening, they will also get updates with the latest duty-free special offers. Arriving passengers are welcomed at the baggage carousel and receive tips on free Wi-Fi services or information on using public transport.

Beacons are tiny Bluetooth transmitters that permanently send signals in specific ranges. Special apps can be programmed to pick these signals up and can use the information to provide enhanced services to smartphone users. The beacon technology is based on the BLE standard (Bluetooth Low Energy), which uses far less smartphone battery resources than ordinary Bluetooth.

It is supremely easy for passengers in Tegel to use the new service; after downloading the Berlin Airport app for iOS or Android, simply activate Bluetooth to receive personalised information via push notifications. Both apps can be downloaded free of charge using the following links:



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