Aircraft stuck at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol due to malfunction of the refuelling system


Aircraft cannot refuel at Schiphol due to a malfunction. On the airport website, the delays vary from fifteen minutes to more than 2 hours. And that is likely to increase further.

In a statement reproduced hereunder, the airport says that there is no forecast for the duration of the outage.

The company that controls the fuel supply has a system malfunction. The cause of that failure is unknown. According to the spokesperson, hard work is currently being done to resolve the malfunction. He doesn’t know if it’s due to the heat.

A few dozen aircraft are currently waiting. In some cases, passengers have been stuck on board for a while.

There are also consequences for incoming flights. As an example reported in our forum, TUI fly Netherlands flight TFL786 from Izmir to Amsterdam (operated by Boeing 767-300ER registered OO-JNL) diverted to Liège.

Update 21:00

At 21:00 CET, 254 flights had been cancelled and 446 flights delayed.

Statement by Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

Delays caused by fault in system Aircraft Fuel Supply

Last update: 24 July 2019, 15:35, Amsterdam

Aircraft Fuel Supply, a third-party company that controls aircraft fuel supply, currently has a fault in their system. That means that planes cannot be refuelled right now, which is causing delays. Aircraft Fuel Supply are working hard to find a solution, but as yet it is unclear about how long this will take.


Schiphol will update travellers about the situation as it unfolds. For more information, please consult, the Schiphol app, or contact your airline.

Update 22:15



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