Russian aviation authorities to cancel flight permits for Somon Air and Tajik Air


Russian aviation authorities will recall permits earlier issued to Tajikistani air carriers Somon Air and Tajik Air for flights from Dushanbe to Moscow and Novosibirsk and from Khujand to Novosibirsk from April 5, the Russian Transport Ministry said on Monday.

Starting from April 5, the aviation authorities revoke permits earlier issued to Tajik Air and Simon Air airlines for flights en route: Novosibirsk – Khujand and Novosibirsk – Dushanbe, and 5 flights of Tajik Air and 4 flights of Somon Air on the Moscow – Dushanbe route,” the ministry said. Such measure is applied because Tajikistan has not confirmed a request for Ural Airlines to make flights and “has not responded to the proposal to hold talks in Moscow, and also cancelled permits earlier issued to Russian air carriers for flights over a range of routes,” the ministry said.

The Russian Ministry of Transport again made a proposal to hold bilateral consultations of air carriers.

Source: Tass


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