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SAS traffic figures – December 2014 : +7.1% passengers


• SAS carried a total of 1.9 million passengers in December, up 7.1%.

• The total traffic (RPK) increased by 0.2%.

• The total capacity (ASK) was down by 1.5%.

• The total load factor increased by 1.2 p.u. to 72.2%.

• The yield and PASK were up 4.9% and 10.3% respectively in November. The currency adjusted yield and PASK were up 1.5% and 6.7% respectively.

Market trends, PASK and yield development

As indicated earlier, as part of the winter-season program, SAS plans to hold back on the capacity growth. In line with this, SAS reduced total capacity during December 2014, but increased scheduled capacity by 2% as some capacity was moved from its charter operation to scheduled services. Market conditions remain challenging, however load factor has increased since the introduction of the summer 2014 program. In December 2014 SAS reports its ninth consecutive month with an improvement in the load factor versus last year.

In November, SAS’ yield and PASK were up 4.9% and 10.3% respectively. The currency adjusted yield and PASK were up 1.5% and 6.7%, in line with expectations. In December 2014 the change in the currency adjusted PASK vs. last year is also expected to be positive.

SAS scheduled traffic development in December
SAS scheduled capacity increased in December by 2.0% as some capacity was moved from its charter operation to primarily longer leisure routes. Traffic grew by 4.9% resulting in a 1.9 p.u. improvement in the load factor to 71.2%.
SAS reduced its intercontinental capacity by 1.7%, reflecting one aircraft being out of traffic for planned maintenance and upgrade of cabin interior. Traffic on the intercontinental routes decreased 3.8%.

Traffic on SAS European/ Intrascandinavian routes grew 11.1% with strongest growth on the European routes to/from Norway and Sweden. Domestic traffic grew 8% combined with a positive load factor development.

Product and news update
• SAS first widebody aircraft with upgraded cabin and Wifi will be rolled out in February 2015.
• During the peak ski season SAS will again offer non-stop flights between Göteborg/Ängelholm/Malmö and Östersund-Åre airport.


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