Safe Air Boeing 727-200F collides with stationary African Express Airways MD-80


In an incident at Malakal Airport in South Sudan, a Safe Air Boeing 727-200F (registered 5Y-IRE) encountered a runway excursion during landing, resulting in the collapse of its undercarriage. The aircraft subsequently collided with a stationary McDonnell Douglas MD-80 belonging to African Express Airways (registered 5Y-AXL) and broke into two parts before coming to a halt.

The impact of the collision and subsequent breakup of the Boeing 727-200F caused concern, but fortunately, all seven individuals on board the aircraft were rescued with minor injuries.

It’s worth noting that the McDonnell Douglas MD-80 involved in this incident, bearing registration 5Y-AXL, had previously been involved in another landing accident on February 9, 2024, at Malakal Airport. During that incident, the aircraft, also known as 5Y-AKL, sustained irreparable damage and was subsequently removed to clear the runway.


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