No aircraft, no job! United Airlines asks pilots to take unpaid leave due to slow Boeing deliveries


United Airlines has requested its pilots to take voluntary unpaid leave next month. The American airline is awaiting new aircraft from the troubled aircraft manufacturer Boeing, but the delivery has been delayed. As a result, there are more pilots available than there are planes.

This request for unpaid leave is the latest move in a series of measures already taken by United Airlines. In January, CEO Scott Kirby announced that the company would no longer expect the delivery of several aircraft of the 737 MAX 10 model this year. United was supposed to receive 80 out of the total 277 ordered MAX 10s this year.

Consequently, the airline has also started hiring fewer pilots who were supposed to fly these aircraft. The additional leave taken by pilots is aimed at reducing overstaffing, according to a spokesperson for the airline.

Boeing has been in crisis mode since the beginning of this year due to multiple defects in its aircraft. It all began with a detached door panel from a Boeing 737 MAX 9 operated by Alaska Airlines. CEO Dave Calhoun announced last week that he would be leaving Boeing by the end of this year. Several other top executives are also departing.


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