Bullet shot from the ground penetrates Myanmar National Airlines ATR 72 cabin and injures passenger


On 30 September, a bullet penetrated into the cabin of a Myanmar National Airlines ATR 72 (registered XY-AML) while it was landing at the airport of Loikaw, Myanmar. A 27-year-old passenger sustained facial injuries. 

Upon landing, the passenger was rushed to the hospital for treatment. In total, the aircraft carried 63 passengers.

The Military Council of Myanmar accused two resistance forces – the Karenni National Progressive Party (KNPP) and the People’s Defence Force of the attack describing it as “a military crime, a criminal act”.

KNPP has reportedly said that their organisation was not involved in the alleged shooting, and avoids civilian targets. Meanwhile, as per Myanmar Now, the flight bookings for Loikaw-bound flights have been cancelled until further notice.


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